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Home Services Title 1

Advisory services to the Board of Trustees
  • Advisory services to the Management
  • Act on behalf of the fund when doing re-broke exercise
  • Funeral
  • GLA
  • TTD
  • Secretarial services
  • Advise trustees on 37C distributing

Home Services Title 2

  • Take minutes of Trustee meetings
  • Take minutes of sub committees
  • Prepare agenda packs and distribute
  • Newsletter designs
  • Benefit statements design

Home Services Title 3

Members may select from any of the investment portfolios on the Member Choice Menu maintained by an independent Board of Trustees of the elected UMBRELLA PENSION/PROVIDENT FUND. Transactions are subjected to the terms and conditions of the policies.
Investment Consulting Services
Asset Consultants are appointed to the elected retirement fund and the advantages of this arrangement are the following:
  • Projections of future liabilities and funding proposals
  • Asset and liability matching
  • Consulting peer reviews and second opinions
  • Fund srategy and investment strategy formulation
  • Benchmarking
  • Investment manager reviews
  • Monitoring and reporting programmes